Born In : Manila, Philippines
Genres : Manila Sound, Pop, Disco, Funk, OPM

Hotdog’ (also known as The Hotdog Band but more commonly known simply as Hotdog) is a Filipino band formed by brothers Dennis and Rene Garcia together with silk-voiced beauty, Ella del Rosario as the solo female lead singer changing the culture and charisma of Filipino music history from folkloric to pop in their 1974 mega-hit Ikaw Ang Miss Universe Ng Buhay Ko. Ella, along with original band members, Lorrie Ilustre and Ramon Torralba were personally handpicked by brothers Dennis and Rene Garcia who were instantly enamored by Ella’s voice and beauty during a private party hosted by Assumption Convent colegialas in Forbes Park. Ella’s sensual style and vocal repertoire was the driving force behind mega-platinum hits as Pers Lab (First Love), Bitin Ako Sa Iyo, You Make Me Blush and other hits from their first LP and movie entitled Unang Kagat (First Bite), both mediums achieved countrywide musical fame in the Philippines during the mid-1970s. Their first album Unang Kagat [3] was released in 1974 by Villar Records. The album led to the 1975 movie by the same name, also starring the band.[1] The band is credited by local journalists as a major influence and leading exponent of Manila Sound, a musical genre popular during that period. Their songs and Ella’s voice have been used in numerous popular movies, television and radio commercials, videoke products, etc.

With their newfound manager Baby Del Rosario, the original band members were Ella del Rosario as lead female vocals, Rene Garcia on male vocals/lead guitarist, Ramon Torralba as 2nd lead guitarist, Tito Del Rosario on 3rd lead guitar, Dennis Garcia on bass guitar, Lorrie Ilustre on keyboards with Jess Garcia and Roy Diaz de Rivera as drummers. Later members were Gina Montes, Maso Diez and ZsaZsa Padilla (vocals), Rene Enriquez, and Andy Caberte (keyboards). In 1976, Ella del Rosario was wooed by Sony, OctoArts and BlackGold records and was quickly signed up by OctoArts under Orly Ilacad and Canary Records, catapulting into iconic fame and superstardom dishing out a succession of Platinum hits, O Lumapit Ka, Mr. Disco, Sabik Na Sabik, Lagi Na Lamang, Pabulong, Hahabol-Habol, Pers Lab 2, and many others. Having won several consecutive awards at the Metro Pop Festivals, Ella was soon dubbed “Disco Queen” and Manila’s “Samba Queen” by press and media moguls such as Julie a Yap Daza, Doroy Valencia and Crispina Belen. Many other musicians thereafter joined the Hotdog band but stayed for only a few stints, the band’s chemistry was waning. After Ella went on to blossom her illustrious solo career, along with earning a Magna Cum Laude BA Marketing Commnications degree in Maryknoll College and Lorrie Ilustre became a musical director for other pop groups such as Apo Hiking Society, the band never recovered its status as it once was with its true original members.

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