Jikamarie 3


Jikamarie is a talented Filipino singer who has captured the hearts of many with her captivating voice and remarkable stage presence. Hailing from the Philippines, she has quickly risen to prominence in the local music scene and has garnered a significant following. Jikamarie’s musical journey began at a young age, where she showcased her passion […]

Fred Engay 3

Fred Engay

Fred Engay is a talented Filipino singer who has captivated audiences with his powerful vocals and heartfelt performances. Born and raised in the Philippines, Engay discovered his passion for music at a young age and began honing his skills through various singing competitions and local performances. Known for his soulful voice and impressive vocal range, […]

Dilaw 4


“Dilaw” is a Filipino rock band hailing from the vibrant music scene of the Philippines. Formed in (insert year if known) in (insert city or region if known), Dilaw quickly gained recognition for their distinctive sound and captivating performances. The band’s name, “Dilaw,” translates to “yellow” in English, symbolizing their energy, optimism, and willingness to […]

Sunkissed Lola 4

Sunkissed Lola

“Sunkissed Lola” is an electrifying rock band hailing from the Philippines, known for their captivating performances and distinctive sound. The band’s name itself reflects a unique blend of youthful energy and a nostalgic touch, capturing the essence of their music. Formed in the vibrant music scene of the Philippines, Sunkissed Lola has quickly gained recognition […]

Ronnie Liang 1

Ronnie Liang

Ronnie Liang is a Filipino singer and actor who has been making waves in the Philippine entertainment industry. With his soulful voice and charming personality, he has captured the hearts of many fans across the country. Early Life and Career Ronnie Liang was born on January 31, 1985, in Oroquieta City, Misamis Occidental, Philippines. He […]

Lani Misalucha

Lani Misalucha

Lani Misalucha is a popular singer and actress from the Philippines. She was born on August 3, 1969, in Manila. Misalucha began singing at a young age and honed her skills by performing in local bars and clubs. In 1993, Misalucha joined the musical group, The New Minstrels, and became known for her powerful vocals. […]

aegis 2

Aegis Band

Aegis is a Filipino band known for their signature style of music that combines pop and rock elements. The band was formed in 1995 by siblings Juliet and Mercy Sunot, along with five other members. The band’s name was inspired by the Greek mythological shield called Aegis, which is said to be the shield of […]

kamikazee 4


Kamikazee, the renowned Filipino rock ensemble that goes by the stylized name of KMKZ, came into being in the year 2000. The group comprises of Jay Contreras providing vocals, Jomal Linao and Led Tuyay strumming guitars, Puto Astete delivering the bass notes, and Bords Burdeos bashing the drums. Over the years, Kamikazee has become one […]

jimmy bondoc 1

Jimmy Bondoc

In the world of music and entertainment, few individuals can claim the same level of success and adulation as Jimmy Bondoc. A multifaceted artist with a voice that resonates throughout the industry, Bondoc has become a household name, captivating audiences and critics alike with his unique style and indomitable spirit. However, to truly understand the […]

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Alamid (Band)

“Alamid” is a Filipino rock band from Manila that was formed in the 1990s. The band is known for its unique blend of rock, pop, and traditional Filipino music, and its use of both English and Tagalog (the primary language of the Philippines) in its lyrics. Alamid’s music is characterized by its powerful vocals, upbeat […]